University of Bordeaux

Established in its current form on 1 January 2014, the University of Bordeaux (UB) has successfully adapted to its environment and reinvented itself to become a benchmark for higher education, research and innovation. With 57,400 students, including 50% on postgraduate programmes, 6,000 staff and more than 80 research units in partnership with research organisations, the University of Bordeaux is France’s third largest university outside of the Paris region.

An international multidisciplinary research university, it also plays a key role within the Aquitaine region and more widely the Euro-region. The University of Bordeaux owns 187 hectares of sites, including 140 green spaces, and offers an outstanding living and studying environment at several campuses within a very attractive region.

For 580 years, the University of Bordeaux has cultivated the universal values that shape its identity: humanism, exacting standards, creativity and diversity.


Manuel Tunon de Lara

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